Simran, after her exhausting day at the office, dialed Raj’s number.
Simran– Hye Raj, Busy? I need to talk to you.
Raj– In library Simran, let me come out first.
Raj taking earphones along and with a grin on the face comes outside and report back.

Raj– Before you talk, let me first speak the two ritual sentences.
I miss you, and I love you very much.
Simran– Finally, some peace to mind. Love you back, sweetheart.
Raj- So tell me about the thoughts that are making you restless?
Simran– Recite a poem to me, dear.
Raj– Right now?
Simran– Yup, and now please recite one and not hamper me with sets of questions.

I love you since the day; we had our meet-cute.
I relish the kisses we do; to keep each other mute.
I adore our efforts to resolve; when we are at dispute.
I cherish the bond we share; wish it remains absolute.
I admire the respect for one-another, our relationship’s core attribute.
Simran– Aww, that’s so sweet. This made my day. I love you a lot.

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