At the age of 3, my parents got me a plastic bat 🏏. They used to throw the ball & I used to wave the bat in all possible directions until it got hit. It was a constant struggle till the time passed, and I learned to hit the ball well.
By the age of 6, I was allowed to go out & play on my own. I used to sit at the cricket park’s wall & watch the senior boys play. Meanwhile, I have made friends in my neighborhood and started Gully cricket. Gully Cricket offers many restraints while playing; however, with regular matches, I excelled in it.

By the age of 8-9, I got my first break in the park though I don’t remember what my debut score was, although I can recall that my fielding skills were appreciated. From then Cricket became the daily ritual for 2-3 hours on weekdays and at least 7 hours on Sunday. I vividly remember an incident from an inter-class tournament in the 6th standard where I was humiliated for my poor bowling. Post the event, I worked on my bowling and practiced a lot and soon enough earned the All Rounder tag.

By the age of 15, I had played several matches for 11rs to 1001rs (money at stake), played with all types of balls ranging from plastic to kookaburra, had five finger fractures, and was now leading our society’s team.
We also organized a tournament at our park & yes we won it (Fantastic 8 was the team name). I still have that trophy 🏆 in my room, which symbolizes the passion & the best game that we played as a team in the tournament.

By 17-18, I stopped playing it regularly (the crucial years or the stepping stones for a bright future as described by parents). But I still remember those non-playing times as GOD scored the first-ever 200 against South Africa, India lifting God & 2011 World Cup & me getting into IIT 😉 Now I play Cricket occasionally, but my passion for the game is still high. I thank all the people who were part of this cricket journey (sounding like some legend cricketer retiring :p ).

I believe many of you can relate to the post in some or other way. And many not relating at all. The whole point of the post is, habits when consistently practiced, nourished by constant learning and improvement through a range of experiences leads to one’s passion. Many of you have found it, many of you are clueless (don’t worry, you will get there), and many of you (including me) are in the struggling phase.
I can say for myself that I am working on my passion, which will have its ups and downs, which will take time and which will bore fruits of success at some good day. All I need to keep is the spirit of that 3-year-old me who loved to struggle while hitting the balls.

Bye for now, because it’s cricket time 🙂

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