The Zero rupee note was introduced in 2007 with a vision to fight political corruption in India. One can say that this noble initiative might not have created any significant impact, as can be seen in the latest Corruption Perception Index (India ranks at 80th position). Yet I hail and applaud the brains and work done behind its making, distribution, and promotional efforts.

The Zero rupee note shares the following instructions (messages)

Eliminate corruption at all levels

I promise to neither accept nor give bribe

If anyone demands a bribe, give this note and

Report the Case

These instructions serve the dual purpose of

  • Awakening the conscience of the person to not indulge in any corruptive activities in whichever side of the table one sits.
  • It is making us aware that Bribery in India is a punishable crime with suspension and jail time, and it’s our right to report a crime.

Morally the instruction sounds a real treat, but practically many of us are unable to apply. Despite the digital revolution and several strict laws, the problem of corruption is still integral in every city of our country. Be it business tycoon or farmer, men or women, celebrity or ordinary citizen; everyone tastes this bitter medicine once in a while. Why bitter medicine though? Simply because it gets the work done and also because it has it’s several side effects like mental pain, harassment, etc.

Coming back to the Zero rupee note, it was supposed to empower common citizens against the corrupt officers and ensure they serve with integrity. But again, it’s easier said than done. Dealing with corruption is a two-way channel, where citizen needs to abide by rules, and public servants need to work ethically.

I wish people could develop many more of such initiatives that tackle corruption. In fact, if you have any of such ideas or initiatives post a comment below or message me, I will be happy to invest one lakh of Zero rupee note as the seed money 😉

Link of the creator of Zero rupee note –

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