Why am I not able to clear the competitive exams?
Why he/she broke up with me?
Why are my parents not supporting me?
Why no one at the office/college gives me attention?
Why am I affected the most when anything wrong happens?
Why God, why you do this to me?

At some phase in our lives, we have recited one of the above lines(with due modifications). We consider such stages as lows of our lives. It is at these stages we all become technical and analyst for our life. We will judge every lousy moment, action, or mistakes of ours and curse oneself for it. In times like these, we create our life story with a plot of a bad past, a frustrating present, and a hopeless future. We start hating the hero(you) as well as the villains(others) in the same story.

To come over these momentary phases, everyone has their style of dealing with it. The general styles are
1) Through the support of alcohol and roll-joints.
2) Being angry and frustrated with the loved ones.
3) Keeping such lowly feelings with oneself only.
4) Discussing with family or friends or anyone who cares to listen.

Well, I have never been a fan of the first three styles and hence never endorse it to anyone. Fortunately, I have some good people along my side who lend their ears to hear and a heart to understand. The observation after such discussions has helped me to realize that, It happens, shit happens. That’s the nature of life; you hit some you miss some, you win some, you lose some.

Apart from this, looking simple yet complicated to understand philosophy, I find other learnings, i.e., acknowledge the struggle, recognize the mistakes, and appreciate the wisdom out of such phases. I am not successful as of now from career per se (will edit this line for sure in few years), but I have understood the basic plot of a successful script that the hero acknowledges his struggles first before overcoming them. My mother says that the shadow of a person changes it’s position three times a day. The line inspires me a lot and helps me to understand that it’s just a matter of time; the struggling phase will go (and come).

Before writing this blog, I was feeling low, and as I mentioned earlier, I prefer the fourth style to deal with it. I talked to my friend and sense way better now. There is another learning that I want to share through this blog; I always say to people around me that in my life’s story, I am the hero, and I just love the hero. So, don’t look for heroes, be a hero, and just love the hero. The story will have a superb ending if not in part one, then definitely in part two.

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