So, it’s clear now that lockdown is here to stay. Today, to be in the box is certainly more important than to be outside the box. Working from home and stacking up goods have already been started. Social distancing, as the concept, is being preached and practiced. So, while I am in my box pondering about this challenging time,

I will like to pay homage to the deceased ones across the world due to this pandemic. May you all Rest in Peace.
I will pray for the faster recovery of COVID-19 positive cases. Empathize with their situation and not stigmatize them.
I will continue praising and saluting the efforts of the noble souls working on ground in aiding the affected ones. May the force be with you.
I will request the government to work beyond their potential. Real solutions are required more than the catchy slogans.
I will appeal to the WHO to make this theoretical concept of global health security more realistic. No one is safe until everyone is safe.

I am aware of my privileged situation to continue my social distancing through my comfortable home. As a responsible citizen, I would follow the government’s directives, along with demanding and questioning the government’s ways of dealing with the situation. In individual capacity, I will try to bring more positivity than panic in my behavior. Stay safe, everyone.

P.S- If got time, go through my previous piece of –Zika virus, Ebola Virus, Corona virus— What’s next?

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