Like many of you, I loved the sensational song of its time (2011) “Why this Kolaveri Di?” which I still listen to at times. The song is attractive due to its quirky Tanglish (blend of Tamil and English) lyrics by Dhanush and his informal delivery style. Now I am not going to promote the song further here or explain the context of the song. The blog is about the word “Kolaveri”.

Kolaveri means a murderous rage (google it if you want to). Now let’s be honest with ourselves; at some points of our lives, the thought (intentional/unintentional) of killing someone has run through our minds. For me, whenever I see any rash car/bike driver on the road, I utter, ‘Aise logo ko pakkad pakkad kar maarna chahiye.’ Everytime I read the unfortunate rape cases, my heart skips a beat and wants to kill these rapists like literally. I may justify my feelings with the defense that it is serving justice to the victim, or by killing them, I don’t mean it literally. Although I am not harming anyone but I do have some Kolaveri in me.

Now go through the newspapers or social media, Kolaveri has been so normal in this world.
From bomb attacks by terrorists to gun killings by students,
From family feud killings to road feud killings,
From killing their partners to killing innocent animals for pleasure;
it seems that Kolaveri is very centric to every individual in every society and is not limited to a psychopath.

In the reel life, we applaud the hero’s Kolaveri to wipe out the villain and serve justice. 
In the real-life, mob lynchings based on religion/caste/gender are justified by some members of the society. 
On social media, murder threats have become so common. 
It seems that we have accepted their Kolaveri attitude subconsciously. 

Now I am not claiming to be a psychiatristbut my common sense says that anger, frustration, hatred, jealousy, etc. can be a precursor for the Kolaveri stage. If you think broadly, Kolaveri is not only an individual’s problem but also the society’s problem at large. 

There is no full-proof solution for anyone’s Kolaveri problems. But a few steps can help us deal with it. 
1. Identify the points/people/events that make you go Kolaveri. 
2. Identify the point/people/events around you where people had executed Kolaveri deeds. 
3. Now think of any alternative measures that could have prevented/stopped that Kolaveri attitude.
Can these steps stop the killings around us? No! But they can help you identify, acknowledge, and give possible solutions to deal with Kolaveri and prevent some of the killings. The moral being:

Be angry. Be jealous. Be frustrated. Abuse if you want to.
Just DON’T Go Kolaveri!

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