For the excellent service, you did as a player & a Captain for our nation. During your service, you built a culture that promoted cross-learning experiences over the senior-junior hierarchy. You pushed for fitness, being an essential element in the team’s preparations. The way you managed the transition from the Ganguly’s era to Virat’s era and winning several accolades in between have given us amazing memories to cherish.

You have an inspiring background story that gives both people in sports & non-sports to look upon. The way you have balanced the personal & professional life in the time’s of social media is commendable. That retirement video you posted is 🙏🙏🙏

You have had your lows & mistakes that have costed some matches. You have got the hate & anger from the fans in different phases of the career. But the way you handled & learned from those times reflects that you were aware of all those things as a part & parcel of the service that you were up to.

You have built your brand & achieved all the dreams that I think you may have aspired over. Your wit & wisdom on & off-field always bring a smile to fans like me, however, this one-liner of yours is I am most fond of
What is more important needs to be done rather than what looks right.

Wish you all the success in the coming times. Thank you.

Yours truly
A cricket fan

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